Welcome to the
foundation 3D-EC

The mission of 3D-EC is to help its clients gain access to and apply state-of-the art research to the particular issues of Environmental Change that they are facing.

Only large businesses have access to the latest knowledge and data on environmental change but even they are confronted by their complexity and inter-dsiciplinarity and problems of scale. 

We can help organisations whose planning is driven by financial and economic considerations to add an environmental reality and context to their strategies and action plans that can potentially save them or make them millions of Euros. 


Clients that our staff have supported range from the European Community, United Nations Organisations, Government Departments, Universities, Small and large Businesses, and individual landowners and farmers.


    • To provide policy guidance with respect to land degradation and desertification, ecosystem restoration and climate change impact; sustainable land use, increasing water use efficiency, soil conservation and protection and CO2 issues.

    • Providing analysis and SWOT reports for companies and institutions.

    • In company awareness raising about threats and opportunities.

    • Educational support to schools

    • Supporting NGOs

    • Promoting sustainability and adaptation to environmental change in Huelva

    • Establishing cross border partnerships with the Alentejo in Portugal